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Protector Lamp have been making the miners lamp or davy lamp since 1873. The GR6S Garforth mining lamp is the approved method of checking for firedamp in all UK coal mines. Mining lamps also known as the Eccles or Davy Lamp, are based on the Sir Humphrey Davy  principle. Distributors of ATEX miners cap lamps and head torches.Our Olympic Torch Relay Lamps have carried the flame for most Olympic and other torch relays over the last 30 years.

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ATEX M1 Miners Cap Lamps

Intrinsically safe miner’s cap lamps and head torches from, ATEX M1.

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Cordless cap lamps and head torches, LED,rechargeable  £69. Mining cap lamps are ideal for confined space safety,search and rescue,firefighters,caving,climbing and mountain bikes. All our lamps come with a helmet web and charger and will fit any helmet with a standard cap lamp bracket.

Miners Lamp

The Type 6 is a flame safety lamp used for gas testing in coal mines. The lamp will safely burn methane/firedamp without causing an explosion.

It is a development of our earliest safety lamps, first made in 1873. They incorporate the Protector self extinguishing system. This was developed and patented by Joseph Prestwich, the driving force of the company in the late Victorian period. It was tested and approved for use in mines in the 1940’s.

Following Nationalisation in 1947 it became the approved lamp for all UK Coal mines operated by the Ministry of Power under the Labour Government. As the State did not want to create a monopoly supplier they also introduced lamps from Wolf and Thomas & Williams.



The Protector Lamp & Lighting Company is best known as a producer of miners’ safety lamps.The safety lamp is essentially a highly sophisticated form of oil or spirit lamp of extremely robust construction. The Company was formed in May 1873 to acquire the business and patent rights of William Edward Teale, oil and lamp manufacturer, of 11 Mark Lane, Manchester. The Company’s Memorandum of Association mentions two patents which had been obtained by Mr Teale: one dated 15th November 1869 for ‘Improvements in Mining Lamps’ and the other dated 4th December 1872 for ‘Improvements in Guards for Gas Lights, and in an improved method of Lighting while under the protection of Guards’.


Flames on planes for Olympic Torch Relays, The Holy Fire, Special Olympics, The Emigrant Flame.


We have become the experts on flame transit over the last 30 years.

The Olympic Flame is carried in our specially modified miner’s lamps on planes and when it is not being carried in the Olympic Torch. For each Games a fire is lit at Olympus near Athens and is then flown to the host country.


The Holy Fire is transported by plane to many Orthodox Communities around the the world during the Easter period each year in the same type of modified lamp.

The Holy Fire (Greek Ἃγιον Φῶς, “Holy Light”, Russian; Святой огонь,  Romanian; foc sfânt ) is described by Orthodox Christians as a miracle that occurs every year at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Great Saturday, or Holy Saturday, the day preceding Orthodox Easter.



If you are involved in a Torch Relay or Flame Transfer please look at the videos below which will show you everything you need to successfully transport and transfer a flame;

Olympic and Holy Flame transport and transfer in a miners lamp

Torch Relay Lamp Gallery

Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay


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