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Protector Lamp,Miners Lamps since 1873

Protector Lamp's Mining Flame Safety Lamps have been in constant use since 1873 and the GR6S Garforth miner's lamp is the approved method of checking for firedamp in all UK coal mines. Also known as the Eccles Lamp. Like all miners lamps they are based on the Davy Lamp principle.Distributors of ATEX miners cap lamps and head torches.Our Olympic Torch Relay Lamps have carried the flame for most Olympic and other torch relays over the last 30 years.

Look out for the Protector Lamp on a volcano!

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Torch Relay Lamps




Protector Lamp supply torch relay lamps as used by all Olympic Torch Relays since the Sydney Olympics.



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and photographs of the GR6S click here.


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Mining Cap Lamps,ATEX ,Ex, non ATEX,LED,cordless and corded cap lamps


Intrinsically safe miner's cap lamps and head torches from £149, ATEX M1. Cordless cap lamps and head torches, LED,rechargeable from £49. Mining cap lamps are ideal for confined space safety,search and rescue,firefighters,caving,climbing and mountain bikes. All our lamps come with a helmet web and charger and will fit any helmet with a standard cap lamp bracket.


We buy miners lamps

We pay £50 for Type 6 lamps and £60 for GR6S /Garforth lamps.Simply post your lamp to Protector Holdings Ltd,Protector Lamp Business Park, Lansdowne Road,Eccles, Manchester,M30 9PH. If you have a PayPal account we will pay you on receipt, if not we will send you a cheque. Please post lamps 2nd class signed for.

If you have a larger quantity of lamps we can arrange collection, or you can bring them to us at the above.

You can contact us at

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