Magnet safety warning

  Magnet Safety

Our lamp opening magnets are very powerful and also very brittle. If you allow them to jump onto a metal object they will shatter. Do not get your fingers between the magnets and another metal object it hurts! Do not allow children to use them. That is why we supply them in a clear silicone tube which protects the magnet and still allows you to unlock your lamp. Please do not remove them from the tube.

To use the magnet on a new or unused lamp place it on the grey metal bung at the base of the brass lock body. The pull of the magnet will draw down the internal spring and locking pin. You can then open the brass locking plate.  On older or worn lamps put the magnet on the side of the brass lock body and slide it down and under the lock body onto the grey metal bung.

In lamps that have been underground coal dust gets into the body of the lock causing friction on the spring and locking pin. You can ease this by inserting a feeler gauge under the top of the lock body to slightly depress the locking pin. Then spray in WD40 or penetrating fluid. Warming up the lock body will also help ease the pin and spring down.

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