Miners Cap Lamps


Miners Cap Lamp, LED, Cordless,Rechargeable,ATEX and Ex

Intrinsically safe ATEX M1 Miners Cap Lamps and head torches.

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miners cap lamp
KL1.2Ex Atex M1 miners cap lamp

Mining cap lamps, head torches,cordless,LED,rechargeable.

Ideal for mining,search and rescue,firefighters,caving,climbing and mountain bikes. All our lamps come with a head band,helmet web and charger.

Our latest range from Gokang are the most rugged and dependable lamps yet. Their unique design sits them flush with the front of your helmet avoiding the constant clash with roofs and other overhead items which has been a criticism of other cordless lamps.

Both the ATEX and non ATEX versions are now used throughout UK Industry and Mining, our customers include UK Mines Rescue, Cleveland Potash,Thames Water,UK Coal, Aggregate Industries.

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