Miners lamp buying guide

In the photograph above are a trio of GR6S Garforth Deputies lamps, the lamp on the left has the deputies check number stamped into the centre of the badge.

Most Protector Lamps have the year they were made stamped in the brass plate below the glass. 67/ is for 1967.

Most used pit lamps will look bruised and battered but would still be kept in full working order in the Lamp Room. Upto the 1990’s Lamp Men would have the skills to completely rebuild a lamp and they would order parts in from Protector Lamp.

From the late 1990’s the changes at the Pits lead to them ordering complete components and in some cases new lamps. So on a pit lamp it is possible to have a middle from the 1980’s, a top from the 1990’s and a vessel from the 00’s ( 2000’s).

Presentation lamps usually will have all the main components from the year of manufacture.

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