Mining Lamp Shop

Mining Lamp Shop offering, Davy Lamps and Spare Parts for sale

The Mining Lamp Shop has a complete stock of eccles miners lamps for sale and spare parts for Protector lamps, including wicks for both round and flat wicks and service packs. Parts for Protector Lamp, all Types.

We have spare parts for mining lamps, Davy Lamps and for our Protector Lamps. Protector have been making mining lamps and Davy lamps in Eccles since 1890.

We have spare parts for Type 6, GR6S Garforth, SL, A1, CT33 and 1A.

Protector Lamp from Eccles have designed and supplied safety lamps for the Olympic Flame, Olympic Torch Relay and Holy Fire transit for the last 30 years. They are also known as Eccles miners lamps, Davy Lamps, flame safety lamps and Deputies Lamps. We hold a huge stock of spares for Protector Lamps’ and we offer miners lamp repairs and servicing. Led cordless cap lamps for mines and quarries in the UK and overseas. Protector Lamp have been making lamps developed from the Davy Lamp at the factory in Eccles, England since 1873. We sell spare parts, fully refurbished miners lamps and we carry out miners lamp repairs and servicing on site. Carrying the Olympic Flame for over 30 years in the Olympic Torch Relays.

The GR6S Garforth lamp is the approved method of checking for firedamp in all UK pits also known as the Eccles or Davy Lamp, are based on the Sir Humphrey Davy  principle and have been in constant use since 1815 replacing candles and other open flames which were the cause of so many explosions.

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