Miners lamp washers, pack of 10


Miners lamp washers, pack of 10

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Protector Lamp-mining lamp washers- Pack of 10

For Protector Lamp; Type 6, GR6S, Type 1A, 6RS, MC40, SL.

10 miners lamp washers in  pack.

Two miners lamp washers (gaskets) are needed for each lamp, they fit at the top and bottom of the glass. All our gaskets for mining lamps are made from non asbestos products.

Miners lamps have a heat resistant washer at the top and bottom of the glass. This is to protect the glass from the brass parts of the lamp and it also acts as a gas seal.

From 1873 the top washer was of blue asbestos and the bottom washer was made from white asbestos. As the evidence of the dangers of asbestos grew in the late 1960’s the washers were replaced with 2 asbestos compound washers which were designed to stay intact and not release fibres.

The UK in line with impending EU regulations banned the use of asbestos completely in 1999. Prior to this ban taking effect and working with the UK Mines Inspectorate ( part of the HSE ) we replaced all the compound washers with washers made from non asbestos products. This was across all new lamps made by us and all lamps in use in UK coal mines.

We have a full range of miners lamp spares and parts for Protector Lamps, we sell genuine lamps and offer servicing and repairs.


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