Olympic Flame Lanterns

Our Olympic Flame lanterns have carried the Olympic Flame on commercial aircraft for over 25 years

The lanterns also carry the Holy Fire from Jerusalem every Easter to Orthodox communities around the world.

The Olympic Flame on its way to Paris 2024

The Belem arrives in Marseille with the Olympic Flame carried in our Olympic Flame Lanterns – Relais de la Flamme – Paris 2024

Protector Lamp carrying the Olympic Flame to Paris 2024
Videos of the Olympic Flame enroute to Paris 2024

Olympic Torch Relays and transporting the Olympic Flame and Holy Fire, Святой огонь, Sfânt foc

We are the experts on transporting flames on aircraft. Our Olympic Flame Lamps have carried the Olympic Flame and the Holy Fire (Святой огонь, Sfânt foc) on commercial and military aircraft for over 30 years .

The Holy Fire enroute from Jerusalem to Bucharest Easter 2022

The Holy Fire

The Holy Fire is transported by plane to many Orthodox Communities around the the world during the Easter period each year in the same type of modified lamp.


London 2012 Torch Relay, courtesy of Wikipedia


px Olympic torch relay through Newport




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