Protector Lamp GR6S serviced

Protector Lamp GR6S
Protector Lamp GR6S

A customers GR6S after servicing and fuel testing. This one is burning Clipper lighter fluid. The lamp is stripped, cleaned and service parts: wick, flint, washers are replaced. This lamp also needed a lock pin, spring and bung. The lamps are then fuelled and tested. The service includes spare wick and an opening magnet for maglock lamps. We then return it to you ready to light via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Protector Lamp Type SL miners lamp

Iron topped SL (side lit) also known as a Workmans lamp. Workmen were not allowed ro relight underground. The lamp was lit in the lamp room or at an underground lighting station. The lighter was a green electric box about 9″ square. A 4/5 volt current is applied to the tin glass plate and the vessel, the circuit via several insulating washers passes through the platinum wire adjacent to the wick. When current is applied the wire glows red lighting the Colzalene fuel. Look for a 2 digit number stamped into the brass ring around the bottom of the glass, 57/ is made in 1957.SL’s were around from the 1920’s through to the early 1980’s. The iron tops were replaced in the 1960’s with stainless steel.

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