Protector Lamp GR6S bonnet markings

protector lamp bonnet markings
The bonnet on the left has the miners check number stamped into the badge, whilst the one on the right is unstamped

Lamps were issued from the works in Eccles with no stampings on the badge. The miners check number would be stamped on the bonnet in the Lamp Room at each pit.

Protector Lamp flame adjustment

The ideal height for setting the brass wick tube. The cotton wick should be just below the top of the brass adjuster tube. This ensures you are burning fuel and not the cotton wick itself. This is perfect for Holy Fire 🔥 and Olympic Flame transit reducing the number of trimming wick changes. Flames set at this level can burn for 2/3 weeks if refuelled daily without a wick change. The Tokyo Olympic Flame burnt for a whole year in lamps set up in this way.

Coal mining in Leicestershire