davy lamp

Davy Lamps for sale made by Protector Lamp,Eccles,England since 1873.

We have in stock TYpe 6,GR6S Garforth, SL and 1A miners lamps.

Protector Lamp & Lighting Company

Protector Lamp & Lighting Company is best known as a producer of miners lamps.The flame safety lamp is essentially a highly sophisticated form of oil or spirit lamp of extremely robust construction developed in the 19th Century from the Davy Lamp.


The Protector Lamp & Lighting Company was formed in May 1873 to acquire the business and patent rights of William Edward Teale, oil and lamp manufacturer, of 11 Mark Lane, Manchester. The Company’s Memorandum of Association mentions two patents which had been obtained by Mr Teale: one dated 15th November 1869 for ‘Improvements in Mining Lamps’ and the other dated 4th December 1872 for ‘Improvements in Guards for Gas Lights, and in an improved method of Lighting while under the protection of Guards’.

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