Asbestos washers in miners lamps

Asbestos washers in miners lamps

Miners lamp washers before 2000 (when they were banned) were all made from asbestos. From the 1970’s they were a composite as the two on the right of the picture. Prior to that the bottom washer was white asbestos, bottom left, and the top was blue asbestos, top left.
The ones in the picture have been safely removed from lamps and bagged and sealed for disposal.
If you plan to open a lamp please be aware and take precautions. The use,sale or distribution of asbestos has been illegal since 2000.

Since 2000 all lamps were supplied with non asbestos washers, like the beige coloured ones in the picture. The current washers we supply are green one side and black the other, for easy identification

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