The Protector Lamp Company’s car

I am Josh, a PhD student based at Manchester Metropolitan University and the Museum of Science and Industry. I am researching the history of the Manchester Motoring Industry which started, prospered, and declined between 1896 and 1939.

Protector Lamp cars made in Ecclesvia The Protector Lamp Company’s car

“The image above shows two “Bijou” cars, probably at a Manchester Motor Show between 1902 and 1905. At 95 guineas the “bijou” car was an attempt at a light car that was more affordable than some of its rivals. The company also tried to target the commercial vehicle market with a van body built on the same chassis for 100 guineas. A picture of one can be seen below belonging to Manchester firm Messrs. Dawson, Halliweh and Co., makers of “Excelda” handkerchiefs. “

Courtesy of PhD blog by Josh Butt

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